We’re in the Spotlight: LaundroBoost Marketing Featured in Planet Laundry

Exciting News: LaundroBoost Marketing’s Innovative Approach Recognized

We have thrilling news to share with you at LaundroBoost Marketing. Our innovative approach to laundromat marketing recently earned recognition from industry experts and a feature in the prestigious publication, Planet Laundry. In this blog post, we will take you behind the scenes, delving deeper into the journey that led to our exclusive feature in Planet Laundry. We’ll shed light on the strategies and insights that set us apart in the competitive world of laundromat marketing.

The LaundroBoost Story: A Collaboration of Experts

The story of LaundroBoost Marketing is one of collaboration and expertise coming together to address a critical need in the laundromat industry. It all began when industry veterans Dave and Carla Menz, known as the Laundromat Millionaire team, joined forces with digital marketing expert Brett Lyon. The result of this partnership is a marketing powerhouse that is changing the game for laundromat owners.

Challenges in Laundromat Marketing:

Marketing in the laundromat industry is no walk in the park. With a myriad of choices, abundant information, and sometimes contradictory advice, laundromat owners can easily feel overwhelmed. Many view marketing as a necessary evil, yet the truth is that it’s a crucial element for success in this highly competitive space.

The Birth of LaundroBoost Marketing:

LaundroBoost Laundromat Marketing was founded late last year with the aim of simplifying marketing for laundromat owners while maximizing their profits. What makes LaundroBoost unique is the combination of decades of industry experience and cutting-edge digital marketing expertise. Dave and Carla Menz, multi-store owners based in Cincinnati, have been successful operators and industry coaches since 2009. In contrast, Brett Lyon is a digital marketing expert with eight years of experience founding multiple companies in the digital marketing space and creating tailored campaigns specifically for laundromat owners.

Brett Lyon reflects on the uniqueness of this partnership, stating, “I’ve been in the marketing world for quite some time. I’ve never seen industry veteran operators and respected coaches like Dave and Carla combine their expertise with a more technical background such as mine. When you add in our collective hustle and passion for helping others succeed in business, we believe we’ve got something special. I’m honored to be their partner.”

The Vision of LaundroBoost:

The core vision of LaundroBoost is clear: to help laundromat owners optimize their bottom-line profits in a hyper-focused way. Dave Menz explains their motivation, saying, “Our team at Queen City Laundry has tried seven different marketing companies since 2009, with limited results from each one. The Laundromat Millionaire mission has always been to bring resources and solve problems for independent laundromat and dry-cleaning operators. LaundroBoost is the next logical step.”

A Three-Pronged Approach:

LaundroBoost’s strategy is built on three key components:

  1. Website Design/SEO: In today’s digital age, your online presence is critical. LaundroBoost helps laundromat owners build user-friendly, SEO-optimized websites that attract and engage customers.
  2. Daily Optimized Google Ads Campaigns: Effective online advertising is key to reaching your target audience. LaundroBoost specializes in creating and managing Google Ads campaigns that deliver results.
  3. Geofencing Technology: Geofencing is a cutting-edge technology that allows businesses to target potential customers based on their location. LaundroBoost leverages this technology to help laundromat owners reach their audience with precision.

Carla Menz shares her experience, stating, “We’ve been in business for nearly 14 years and have never seen the growth we’ve experienced since we combined forces with Brett. Building diverse expertise within our team and utilizing innovative marketing techniques, such as geofencing, has really taken us to another level. We’re excited to show others what we’ve been up to.”

Insights from Dave Menz:

Dave Menz, from the Laundromat Millionaire team, recently shared his thoughts on the laundromat business and how LaundroBoost can help today’s operators. Here are some key insights from him:

The Most Pronounced Trend:

“The most unique trend our team sees in the industry is a new level of sophistication among laundromat owners and operators. Some are current veterans stepping up their operations to compete in a new way, and others are new investors entering the space for the first time with a zeal for community that is challenging the status quo. We believe this is all very healthy for the future of our industry, and we’re excited to be a part of it all.”

Excitement for Fall 2023:

“Our team is most excited about the newer technology trends in both marketing and software services available to everyone. Gone are the days where larger operators can compete in ways that smaller operators cannot. Technology, innovation, and scale are now possible for the smallest operators if they’re willing to make the investment.”

Concerns for the Industry:

“Our team is most concerned that many operators are starting to believe that marketing is too expensive for them, not needed at all, or that it’s not a good investment. We understand because, as operators ourselves, we’ve been there. Unfortunately, this typically comes from marketing companies encouraging operators to invest their budgets in ways that don’t bring reasonable returns on investment.”

The Future of Laundromat Marketing:

“The digital marketing niche of the laundry and dry-cleaning industries is rapidly growing as technology makes services more affordable and accessible, and as it brings a tremendous ROI for operators. We see this as a natural evolution in a rapidly growing and vibrant industry. The future is bright for everyone who sees and takes advantage of this next phase.”

Reasons for Optimism in 2024:

“We believe that innovation is moving rapidly, modernized laundry and dry-cleaning services are more appreciated than ever before, and our industry continues to get phenomenal media attention nationally. This is a big reason for optimism if you’re a forward-thinking operator looking to strive to new levels. Our industry is rapidly separating into a world of those with a clear vision of the future and those without that vision. We’re currently experiencing an industry renaissance like never before, and we believe that most of us cannot fully grasp the opportunity quite yet.”

The Keys to Successful Laundromat Ownership:

“Whether self-service, drop-off, dry cleaning, or pickup and delivery, our observation is that the best operators obsess over building a great facility, but they don’t stop there anymore. We see them also focusing on a high level of service, building a team that can scale, investing in technology, and then creating a budget for marketing that allows them to quickly and efficiently get the word out to their communities that they are providing a higher level of value than most.”

Budgeting for Marketing Services:

“We believe that if allocated correctly, 2 percent to 3 percent of gross revenue is a healthy marketing budget for any operation. In fact, at Queen City Laundry, that’s exactly what our budget is. We’ve spent much more in the past and still not received the results we’re seeing now. More isn’t always better if the budget is optimized correctly.”

Starting with a Limited Budget:

“Our team believes the best place to start is always organic reach, beginning with your Google Business listing and earning a few dozen 4- and 5-Star reviews, which are free. After that, your website is next, and you can have a very nice website with individually optimized services pages for about $1,000. After that foundation has been laid, you will want to begin running paid Google Ads, along with geofencing if it’s within your budget. A big mistake we’ve noticed is laundry owners running geofencing ads without a cohesive and complimentary Google Ads campaign, too. Based on our experience, Google Ads without geofencing can be great, but geofencing without paid Google Ads isn’t a good strategy.”


In conclusion, LaundroBoost Marketing is on a mission to transform the laundromat industry by providing tailored marketing solutions that drive results. Our exclusive feature in Planet Laundry underscores the unique approach and expertise we bring to the table. As we look ahead to the future, we’re excited about the endless possibilities and opportunities that await laundromat owners who embrace innovation, prioritize marketing, and strive for excellence in their operations. Stay tuned for more insights and updates from LaundroBoost Marketing as we continue to shape the future of the laundromat industry.

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